enricoascoli - purple rain

location: Le Nuove - old prison in Turin

Purple Rain

Site specific Sound Installation for 10 Hss (hypersonic sound system) speakers

Play Stereo excepert >> Bright Circle

Text catalogue: invisible and untouchble sound, not homogeneously widespread, an acoustic arcipelago done by islands of intensities, timbers, and rhythmic clusters interacting in a random way in a intense harmonic bubbling. Enrico Ascoli installation is a bright fabric that wraps the ambience in its thin folds, inviting to follow the woof and the weave by leaving behind the retinal paradigm that parvades our contemporary society.
It is an exploration of space not driven by visual traces; it is an acousticdrift that is supported only bythe ability of our interior ear to create , from this faint magma, sound swarms with a meaning. The material used for the installation comes from the recordingsthat the composer recently did in New York. Enrico Ascoli focused above all in selecting sounds that have an intrinc music featurea (harmonic and rhitmic), as the soporiferous drone of the laundrettes, the breath of the subway, the voice of an homless in the middle of the night. From those sounds he extractd micro samples that he successively merged, in aestethic and musical terms, either in time and space. The result is a silent and archetypal urban buzz, at the same timefamiliar and unknown, tha crash into the visitoras the arrival of a memory and dresses him interiorly as the persistence of an emotional mood. Metaphorically it could be a humming of the metropolis that never sleeps and that breathes all around in a multi-layer and random flux of the contemporary life.

About HSS: "...Similar to a beam of light, HSS uses ultrasonic energy to “shine” your sound on a very specific area.
My idea was to create a sound as a suit for the walls or as an invisible garden in wich you can stop yourself  irrispective of the formal and claustrofobic prison that surround you. Imagine this installation as a sound shower or rain that the visitor can pass through or stop inside. Using hss tecnology I designed a sort of acustic chessboard on the floor and I created an invisible and alternative room maden of sound pillars. The most difficult think was to find the appropriate timbers for that ambient because when an hss speaker hit a surface the sound is generated and the it start to jump everywhere. In this way dipending fro material to material, some timber have a good reflection and other are completely mute. The prison space was an ambient maden of ceramic and iron a lot fractioneted in micro space so it was very important to compose direcly in place the installation, testing each sound source in its movement and reflection in the room. The result was an acusti suit perfeclty fit..." (Enrico Ascoli interview)