location: Palazzo Reale - Milan october 2008

Four Site specific Sound Installations

Date :: 20 Settembre - 12 Ottobre 2008
Theme :: Exhibition
Event :: 50° Mila Schon - Linee, Colori, Superfici
Concept:  Nucleo | Piergiorgio Robino 
Exhibition design: Nucleo | Piergiorgio Robino + Nicola Bartoccelli 
Graphic project: Nucleo | Arianna Madiotto + Nadia Corno 
Sound project: Enrico Ascoli  
Exhibition set up: Gruppo Bodino | TO

Room 1 - Geometrie: soft sensual movements follow geometric paths, pop timbers, warm like scent wakes, Low frequencies just at the beginning of the room like an hearty welcome, quiet in movement. (DVD + 5.1 system)

Room 2 - Simmetrie: crystal-clear layers, sharp and elegant, domesticated timbers coming from the music sperimentation of '60/'70, orbital paths around a radial acustic center, slow and hanged like a Calder mobile, magic and surreal mood, unfathomable. (DVD + 5.1 system)

Room 3 - Stereometrie: intermittent pulsation of contemporary microsounds (glitch timbers), that from the crypts around this room point the center floating on a foam of very low frequencies
(DVD + 5.1 system)

Room 4 - Ambiance: random sound-scape for ten vintage monitors Brionvega, voices buzzing, daily life, old Tv spot, music suggestion from Mila Shon living room.

In memory of Mila Schon, Music and VJ live set by Enrico Ascoli and VJ Kidddz on Media facade piazza duomo Milano